The One Year Checkup

Let’s pause here for a second. My threshold for concern has been raised through experience. This kind of repair job instills no fear in me. I’ve been scoped before. No big deal. And, in a hospital setting my port will be used for IVs.

Up early (for me) today for a 9:30 AM appointment with one of the surgeons who performed my Whipple surgery. This is like bringing your car in for scheduled service. My one year check-up.

Dr. Selby walked into the room wearing a suit. I’d never seen him in one before. He’s from Missouri farm country. It’s probable doctor came first, suits second.

With the doctor was his assistant, Shelley. She is the master sergeant of this operation. Call Shelley, stuff gets done.

Dr. Selby brightened as he walked in. He seemed extremely pleased with my outward physical appearance. “You’ve put the weight back on,” he said.

Not all of it, thankfully.

He looked at my scar and seemed pleased by his work. Then I told him about a puffy patch of skin not far from the base of the incision. No pain, but it’s probably a hernia. They get worse with time. It needs to be fixed.

Let’s pause here for a second. My threshold for concern has been raised through experience. This kind of repair job instills no fear in me. I’ve been scoped before. No big deal. And, in a hospital setting my port will be used for IVs.

Even when it’s gone cancer is the gift that keeps on giving.

The Purple Stride for Pancreatic Cancer is coming up in November. Helaine and I will walk with the folks from the office.

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    1. Claire – If there’s one point I need to make, it’s not amazing. People are going through this every day. They just don’t have my bullhorn.

      I hugged the doctor today and whispered in his ear, “You saved my life.”

  1. Congrats on the positive checkup, Geoffrey. Also, Randy & I (and wives) got together for a day here on the Cape 2 weeks ago. It was great!

  2. Hi Jeff. I have been following you since your inception of pancreatic cancer. I know you have be so grateful for your outcome as your lovely wife and daughter must be. It sure had to be a scare and a long road. I wish you all the best and hope that you continue to enjoy your work and many years of good health.
    On another note, I was wondering something about pancreatitis if you know. My 41 yr old son had it from January and spent 5 months in the hospital along with a feeding tube once he came home in May. In September, the tube was removed and has been fortunate to be able to resume eating all foods and beverages, but not alcohol as yet. The concern is diabetes. He no longer needs to take the Creon just a protonix. Do you have to worry about diabetes in your situation? I was wondering how common that is for people with a problematic pancreas, although I believe you have been re routed and do not have yours. Didn’t mean to make this a medical e-mail just was wondering seeing we have no immediate doctor appt. Again, all the best to you and family. Love reading your updates! May God Bless.

    1. I know nothing about pancreatitis, but a little about diabetes. Unfortunately, my surgery left me with only half a pancreas. I shoot insulin, check my hemoglobin and swallow a pill every day. It is so under control I hardly need to watch my diet at all.

  3. So happy for you and your family Geoff . I really enjoyed seeing you on channel 8 over the summer. It was like you never left us. You are a natural. All the best ahead.

  4. Lost my Dad to that disease Geoff so I am so very happy with your progress it means we have made great strides !!!

    1. Denise – my cure was actually developed in the 1930s. It’s done better now, but Whipple surgery only available to 10-20% of patients whose cancer hasn’t spread and then only a small percentage get my result.

      I am sorry for the loss of your dad. This disease sucks.

  5. So glad for the good news for you from your doctor! I am sure you, Helaine and Stef can breath a sigh of relief. You have been an inspiration to all of us. Miss you on WTNH – it was so great to have you back!

  6. Glad the one year ‘check under the hood’ went so well. It was great to see you on WTNH over the summer, and hope they’ll bring you back again at some point. Enjoy yourself. Go have fun. Get more tech toys. Do what makes you and Helaine happy. (And Doppler) I’m happy for your recovery as I mourn still my friend Maureen who got a breast cancer diagnosis and NEVER had it treated. She died 4 years ago and I’ve spent a lot of that time begging/pleading/yelling at people to go get checked and get treated. You are the perfect example of why. It’s not perfect, but you made it. Go celebrate your anniversary.

  7. So happy that you are doing well. It was great seeing you on channel8 this summer. As I have done for Breast Cancer awareness this month with Cookie cutters, candy and molds, I will do the same in November for Pancreatic Cancer in your honor. I will do a display in the store with the picture of you decorating your cake in the center. Will post it for you to see.! The October post is on Facebook with a picture of that display. Stay well, love to you and your family.

  8. Congratulations ! I emailed you awhile back, I had my whipple on August 17th and undergoing Chemo now, you mentioned in your email reply to me to prepare for post-op life, thank you for the advice, it has been an adjustment to say the least but thank God everything is going great ! Going for my first scan on Monday and praying for a clean one, everything looks fine blood, weight, etc…. as you mentioned I was one of the lucky ones to be able to have the surgery and thanking God everyday for that, my incredibly supportive Family and Friends as well as my gifted surgeons Dr Khan and Dr Salem and the great staff from Yale New Haven/Bridgeport Hospital here in Connecticut, I pray for a complete recovery for everyone and wish the best to everyone and thoughts and prayers to the people and families that have passed.

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