So Here’s The Plan

A few weeks ago my sister told me the good news. My dad’s doctor said he was healthy enough to fly. We began to make plans to bring him west.

Then reality set in. My sister was never strong on the idea, but didn’t have the heart to stop us. My niece was wary too and told me so.

It led to one of those awkward conversations where father and son sheepishly came to the same sad conclusion. Practicality over fantasy. My dad had permission to fly, but was he prepared to spend a full day traveling then do it again on the way back?

And so the trip was scotched. Of course that’s not the end of the story.

I purchased tickets tonight. Helaine, Stef and I will be heading to Milwaukee for Father’s Day weekend.

“What are we going to do with Doppler?” Helaine worried. We have no one close-by to leave her with. So guess who’s taking her first airplane ride!

My father got the news on Facetime this afternoon. “I’m very excited,” he said. Me too. Us too.

In spite of having grown up in Queens and her husband Jeff in Washington Heights, my sister and brother-in-law have planted their roots in Wisconsin. Three children. Four grandchildren. And, of course, my dad.

Can’t wait to see them all.

And the Phillies will be in town!

9 thoughts on “So Here’s The Plan”

  1. That is GREAT news. Have a safe trip, ENJOY your dad and i am sure he will love seeing you and little Doppler is icing on the cake for dad. Have a WONDERFUL time Geoff, you all DESERVE it!

  2. So terrific that you will all be reunited for a happy occasion!! Kinda too bad
    that your Dad, who loved visiting you all in California and seeing and
    doing things with you there, can’t have that enjoyment again though. But
    I’m sure this weekend took the edge off of that for now.

  3. Have a wonderful trip. Enjoy a special Fathers Day. Keep Doopler close. Happy it all worked out and you all get to see one another.

  4. Sounds like a plan. It’s probably better that your dad doesn’t travel. It’s not the flying it’s the stress of everything that goes with it. I know that stresses me out. He gonna have an awesome time with all of you & especially Doppler. Lol. Have a safe & wonderful trip!!!

  5. Enjoy as many of these opportunities as possible. Geoff, my Dad can no longer travel, and it more painful for me to keep him grounded, than it is for him.

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