I Couldn’t Watch

What message are we sending home when famous anchors tell you to not do what they’re doing?

I wasn’t feeling well today. Just the run-of-the-mill people get sick sorta thing. I called in sick halfway through my Nebraska workday. I’m starting to feel a little better.

That sent me upstairs to the bedroom where I turned on cable news. I’m a cable news junkie! I couldn’t watch.

I know a little bit about hurricane coverage. Whatever reputation I have in Connecticut established its beachhead with Hurricane Gloria.

I hate seeing people cover hurricanes in the field live, reasonably unprotected. At some point someone’s going to get hurt or killed and it won’t be a surprise. It will bring me no satisfaction.

A case can be reasonably made this is news porn. We can give more information from the studio. What you see in the field is usually anecdotal.

Of course it draws viewers like flies to shit. Same goes for LA’s compelling copter chases (I’m hooked). In that regard it’s tough not to do. AdWeek’s TVNewser even compiled a list of who’s there.

What message are we sending home when famous anchors tell you to not do what they’re doing?

I’ve vented.

5 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Watch”

  1. I agree completely. Yes, I watch the news coverage and am amazed at the destruction. At the same time I’m wondering about the stupidity of these people reporting live in this dangerous situation.

  2. I absolutely agree with you! It seems like every news channel has to send someone to broadcast these hurricanes out in front of wind, waves or torrential rain. I am so sick of watching! Wish they would stay inside at their studios and broadcast their coverage on these hurricanes where they can be safe!

  3. I completely agree. It is ridiculous and irresponsible and I refuse to watch. Just saw on the news that they are applauding Jim Cantore for “saving” someone nearly blown away while reporting out in the storm. Seriously? It doesn’t impress me. It is foolish.

  4. I SO agree with you Geoff! We have often said “we BELIEVE you, its hurricane, there’s wind, there’s rain, we dont need to see a weatherman get clocked in the head before we understand!” Sighhhh Hope you feel better real soon!

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