Modern Day Spying Revisited

In December I wrote:

“Congress is considering legislation to indemnify phone companies that allow the government access to their equipment for the purpose of spying without warrants. How many ways can I say, “No,” please don’t let this happen.

Our country should be able to spy on our enemies. In fact, our government has an obligation to protect us using methods like spying. However, the hurdles the government must leap before starting to spy have to be high and those doing the spying must be answerable.”

I feel that way now just as much as I did then. I am disappointed the House has passed a FISA ‘reform’ bill which does everything I dreaded. It still has to go to the Senate, and I hope it dies there, but I’m not particularly upbeat about the prospects.

There are few political issues I take sides on publicly. I can’t avoid it here. This is much too important.

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