Wendie’s Trip To Death Valley

death-valley.jpgWendie is the traveler among my friends. She has been everywhere-often twice. She takes great vacations. These are not “let’s go to the beach and kick back trips” (she already lives in the Miami area). She gets out and does stuff.

She’s just back from what I perceive as America’s most unlikely vacation destination–Death Valley!

Obviously this is an inhospitable place under the wrong circumstances, but we humans have become smart enough to compensate for most of those. Wendie went when the weather is great with an organized and guided group.

Oh–they were biking!

I have just looked through her pictures and much of what I have seen is spectacular in its desolation and scope. If you haven’t been, a great deal of the American West is wide expanses of nothingness. That’s not to say nothing can’t be beautiful, because it is.

I asked Wendie if I could post a link to her photos. I’m guessing it’s a place you’ve never consider visiting. This might change your mind.

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