A Few Minutes At The Airport To Think

How times have changed. I’ve just waited for this webpage to load and got upset the free gateside Internet at Bradley isn’t fast enough! Seriously, what’s wrong with me?

I’m at Southwest’s Gate 2. Our flight is still an hour away. There was a little snow. We left early. Arrived early too!

Helaine asked me to check if we were close to a free week at the place we always park. Yes, right after this trip. Then I wondered if we’d be here to use it?

The TSA agent swabbed my palms looking for explosives then looked at my boarding pass. He was verifying what he already knew.

“Find anything yet,” he asked? He said he read about me in the newspaper.

Here’s today’s good news. Southwest has added industrial strength padded seats with AC and USB power at their gates. Sweet. It’s as close as Southwest comes to first class seating.

My friend Wendie is picking us up at Fort Lauderdale. She was the assistant news director when I came to Channel 8 in 1984. Later she became my boss.

Back then in TV it was get out of the way of the falling bags of money! Times have changed.

10 Responses to “A Few Minutes At The Airport To Think”

  1. Jim says:

    Going to Florida…Perhaps you’ll be forecasting more hurricanes than in CT soon?

  2. Jphn Mark says:

    1984 was a good year even with Big Brother watching;)

  3. Diane K says:

    Yes you will be there to use your free parking space!! Goodness. Well, perhaps not. No one really knows just yet. But, wherever you go, you’ll land on your feet. That line just, sort of, caught me.

  4. Lou Lange says:

    Enjoy the time in Florida, Geoff!

  5. mj says:

    Enjoy Fla bud! Try not to ‘worry’ too much about up here while you are there. This is the window that’s open. Breathe the fresh air, take some GREAT photos and find your soul!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it!!

  6. Judy says:

    This vacation was timed just right. Get a chance to unwind and clear your head. Have a great time; we will be here waiting for you to return, if only for a short time. Everybody across the state and beyond is talking about you, and it certainly must make you feel good to know how much you are loved and respected.

  7. Bob says:

    I too feel you’ve been dealt a bad hand. But, as my dad always said “Maybe this is a blessing in disguise”. One door closes another will open. That one may be a better one, too.

  8. Sandi says:

    Enjoy your time away with your family Geoff and I hope even for a short time you can put the “events” of the week on a back burner!

  9. Gilad Goldman says:

    Geoff, I think it’s time that the TODAY show replaces Al Roker with you. Have you thought about going national?

  10. Edward Bowers (N1HSH) says:

    Safe travels. Hope its a happy visit.

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