Sunday In The Sunshine State

It’s called the Sunshine State! Unlike the Garden State this motto works! My two days in Florida have been sunny and mild. I love Connecticut, but I also love walking around in a short sleeve polo shirt after dark in January.

My trip here has one purpose–to see my parents. There are some things you can’t do often enough. My sister and I try our best.

What we can do while here is limited. Neither parent has a lot of stamina and walks farther than front door to auto are out of the question. It doesn’t matter. I enjoy what I get.

Early this afternoon we visited my Cousins Carol and Howie. When I was growing up Carol was a lot older than me. Funny how time closes that gap, isn’t it?

Their son Michael came with his wife, their two small children and her cousin. I’m going to need a scorecard.

I love little kids and Michael’s are scrumptious. I think I got the kid liking gene from my dad.

We stayed a few hours as the Giants pummeled the Falcons.

“I’ve been looking for the Eagles,” Cousin Howie offered. The Eagles were 2011’s most disappointing underachievers.

Had the shoe been on the other foot Howie would have gotten similar crap from me. Damn! I hate turnabout when I can’t participate.

A little cake… a little coffee… we were back in the car heading back to my parent’s condo. As they sat and watched TV I walked over to a banyan tree alongside the clubhouse. It’s a rookery for egrets. Late afternoon is when they fly home for the night.

My photo session was mostly disappointing, but there were a few nice shots.

5 Responses to “Sunday In The Sunshine State”

  1. Gladys C. says:

    Enjoy all the time you can with the people you love because all too soon it is over. I am a widow after 47 years with my husband and I would give the world to be with him again.Enjoy the warm weather and family and we’ll see you again soon on Fox

  2. NancyB says:

    I hope your mom is doing well!

  3. Maria says:

    I was also in short sleeves here in Connecticut on Saturday.
    My folks are no longer on Earth and i really miss them. Give them a hug for me- it helps all of us!

  4. Fran Allen says:

    Keep adding to your Memory Book … is too short not to visit often…even a few days…I would give anything and everything just for one more hour….Blessings on you and your family Geoff..

  5. Tyler, Karen, Mike says:

    Miss everyone. Hope to see everyone sooner than later. Where is my snow??? GO GIANTS

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