Gardening Season Begins!

I’m heading downstairs in a few minutes. It’s time to plant my garden. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon at work!

I used to have a garden at my old station. Over time it became more-and-more difficult to get a crew to shoot it. I gave up over a decade ago.

New place, new attitude. Last summer I made the suggestion to my boss who loved the idea. Before you could say “blossom end rot” a 5′ x 14′ plot had been cleared and tilled and horse manure added to the soil.

Note to future gardeners: Plant your garden at work and make sure there’s an amazing building crew. Without those guys I’d be lost!

Today the garden begins for season two.

I drove in with plants from a local nursery. During our 4:00 PM News I’ll put them in the ground.

Though there will be lots of different veggies (and flowers) little matters to me but the tomatoes. If my tomatoes grow strong and healthy the garden will be a success.

Here’s the segment open created by Jade Yoon and Chris Moran.

2 Responses to “Gardening Season Begins!”

  1. DorisC says:

    Cannot wait to see you in action….my husband tilled a small patch for me last weekend, and I am going to add the “dirt” from my compost this weekend and plant. I LOVE my compost tumbler, it is a large barrel that turns with a crank… thing I ever bought!!!

  2. Joanne Thompson Pease says:

    I am interested in the organic gardening products that Williams Sonoma is now selling, raised beds, organic trees, veggies, herbs, organic compost. Check it out on their website and there is a video of the company who supplies W-S. I love, love, love gardening and am thinking of someday getting a community garden plot since I am in a small condo. Will be watching your garden, Geoff!

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