My Geek Cred

Hackers who modify other people’s computer code (sometimes for nefarious purposes) are called “script kiddies.” Literally, they know just enough to be dangerous!

That’s me. I am a script kiddie!

I spent the last few days configuring this laptop as a Linux development platform. That means acting as a webserver, though only on my network at home.

Tonight Apache2, PHP, and MySQL went in. These are core components for serving web pages. All of them are free and used on millions of sites.

Installation instructions are sparse at best. You are often on your own making educated guesses and retracing steps.

I have no clue what I’m doing. It works! That’s enough.

The last step was installing WordPress, the software that runs this blog. WordPress is the reason every blog entry looks similar to all the others. It places my words and photos inside the look I created.

The image at the top of this page is a screencap showing the WordPress method of creating a page.

A new WordPress theme is my goal. It will be written here in its own little protected sandbox When finished it will move to the commercial production server I rent. It should modernize my blog’s look. Past experience says everyone will hate it at first.

All the programs I’ve mentioned were written by developers who possess great skill. It’s mind boggling to contemplate how complex these creations get. I’m just a script kiddie. My goal is to customize what’s already written. There’s no way I could start from scratch.

Doing this is challenging. It’s how I’m getting back in shape to go out in the world again.

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  1. Penny says:

    You already know you can count on most of us to hate something new at first. Then we will get used to it. I wish I were more tech savvy. I need something a bit similar for an entirely different purpose. I think I’ve found something already created.

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