Husband, Father, Murderer

Most guys, when getting married, don’t understand there are certain unwritten responsibilities that come with he job. Tops on that list is probably bug catcher-bug killer.

If this were a government position, or if husbands were unionized, that would be two positions. Here in husbandom, you’re a hyphenate.

Maybe my family is different than yours, but my daughter has taken up a tradition passed down from her mother, “bug under glass.”

When the bug is spotted, it is quickly, carefully placed under a drinking glass. Then, daddy is called. If daddy is at work, the bug sits, on display (though no one would dare stay in the room) until daddy returns. Even to my wife, while on bug patrol, I qualify for ‘daddy.’

Tonight, after Steffie had trapped a spider and after I had gone downstairs, she wondered aloud whether she was asphyxiating the spider. Considering the spider was in the last minute of his life, it was a moot point.

Still, it’s nice to know she was concerned… for the hunted, not the hunter.

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