Poker Goes Well

Let me begin by saying, little of this is my doing. Helaine has come into her own playing single table, $5.00 (plus 50&cent for the house) no-limit Hold’em tournaments.

We have been playing on-line at since mid-August. At one time, we were down nearly $150. Right now we’re down $38. More importantly, Helaine has begun to consistently win.

I think her skill is in the shorthanded game, when the table has been thinned to just a few players. Playing conservatively, it is very unusual for her to be the leader early in the game. It is also very unusual for her to be tapped out early.

On the other hand, my problem remains a lack of discipline. Often, I go in on hands Helaine wouldn’t touch. I’m trying to mend my ways, but it’s oh so hard.

And, then there’s the machismo thing. After betting up a hand that is bested on the flop, I sometimes hold on or even press my bet hoping to drive others away. It’s a strategy that doesn’t work, and I’m weaning myself.

As with one’s own personality, it is easier to dissect yourself in the abstract than actually take concrete action.

Poker is a microcosm of life… except nowhere near as well dressed or well groomed.

&#185I was contacted by to be an ‘affiliate.’ Because this website is totally personal and non-commercial in naure, I passed.

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