It’s the Sun, Stupid

Here we go again. After getting burned (just a little) last week with ‘strong’ solar flares and the chance of Aurora Borealis, this news from

The Sun today unleashed what appears to be the third most powerful flare in recorded history, a storm of charged particles that could hit Earth mid-day Wednesday with more effect than any since 1989, when an entire Canadian province had its power knocked out.

Depending on the storm’s magnetic orientation, it could set off a dramatic display of colorful northern lights well into mid-latitudes of the United States and Europe.

Since the particles left the Sun at an astounding 4,000,000 mph (At that speed, New York to Los Angeles takes about 2&#188 seconds), there could be an aurora tonight. Of course by tonight I expect loads of clouds and probably rain.

Maybe that’s actually a blessing?

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