Always Cool to be Remembered

I have known Bob Lacey since 1969 when we both worked at WSAR (Ahoy there matey, it’s 14-80) in Fall River, MA.

Bob was a full timer, married, the music director. He was much more worldly and cooler than I was. He continues to be significantly older. I was part time, extremely green, and he was scared to invite me to his house, worried I might do some anti-social thing with a casual date.

We have remained best of friends all this time. In our business, job longevity is the exception, not the rule. So, it’s really strange that Bob has been working for the same company for over 30 years, and I’m approaching 20 here.

Today (and I’m really not sure why) there was a very nice personality profile about him in the New London Day… and I got a nice gratuitous mention.

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