The Geek In Me Speaks – Again

Here it is, the next afternoon, and I’m still trying to load Linux on the laptop! If this operating system is ever going to be widely accepted, it’s going to have to install a whole lot easier.

This time it’s the already withdrawn Red Hat 9.0. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “The Geek In Me Speaks – Again”

  1. Geoff,

    Have you considered installing LindowsOS? It’s really cool. I was always a believer of an alternative OS, but Lindows kind of did it for me. Looks and feels like what I’m used to, very efficient and runs great!

    If you want to try a copy, shoot me an email and I’ll send one off to you. Least I can do as a previous New-Havener who watched you daily, now transplanted into Miami doing stuff on the web.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Lonny,

    Thanks for writing.

    As we speak, I have gotten RedHat 9 up and running and my PCMCIA network

    adapter is recognized. But, I’m still not happy, especially as RH is

    leaving the consumer end. I have a BitTorrent stream going right now, and

    as I sleep will download (and later try Mandrake). Some of what I see on

    their website makes their version 9.2 look pretty sweet.

    I’m should probably take a pass on Lindows, because I am somewhat of a

    purist. It’s actually a great idea, I’ve read some nice articles, and I

    know you guys at TigerDirect support it on some pretty inexpensive hardware.

    By the way, I am very familiar with TigerDirect. A significant portion of

    my main machine came from you folks in Miami. And, I was incredibly tempted

    to buy a Sharp Zaurus when you were closing them out. That seemed like an

    interesting little toy; a Linux based PDA with keyboard.

    The laptop I am currently resurrecting for Linux (and I have a second drive

    I can also plug in with Windows 98 installed), is an older Dell D300XT, 300

    mHz PII with 64 mb RAM. I have another 64 mb, bought on eBay, on its way.

    The 64 mb currently on board is really enough for Windows 98 but not for the

    more recent Linux distribs (which run like pigs). It is a very nice laptop.

    I also have a more recent Vaio that is mostly used by my wife, and doesn’t

    get customized. I think the Dell is more mechanically substantial.

    After I get Linux running properly on the Dell, I will try and get one of my

    wireless NICs going. That will be much more difficult. I have a Robanton

    (they’re out of business but the design is by a company called Askey, from

    Taiwan) PCMCIA 802.11b NIC. There is little written about using it with

    Linux. I also have a USR 2410, which seems to have some support and a

    Gigafast USB Wireless NIC, which will probably end up on some utility type

    Windows machine I might get around to finishing. The 2410 is on the Vaio,

    but will probably be swapped with the Robanton going there and the 2410

    going to the Linux machine.

    Much of our weather equipment is SGI hardware which runs on Irix, so I have

    been familiar with the IX environment, but am becoming more so. I also

    administer my website, which demands some IX know how.

    Sorry for the long note. I love this stuff.

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