Emceeing For Gateway

I emceed the 6th annual Gateway Community College Hall of Fame Dinner tonight at Brushy Hills Country Club. Gateway is New Haven’s community college. This is an event I’ve been doing for at least 5 years.

It was a good crowd with interesting honorees, including my bosses boss, plus the publisher of the local newspaper and some other people who have performed great service to the community.

Other than being taller, thinner, better looking, more athletic and younger than me, there’s nothing to dislike about my bosses boss.

I like doing this event for two reasons. First, I love working live. It is as close as I get to stand-up comedy. I’ve often considered freelancing at trade shows, demonstrating high tech products or software. I think I’d get the same buzz from that. Though, I know nothing about it and no one who is involved in it.

There are certain tried and true things I say live which I know will get a laugh every time… I am not shy about saying them. It’s fun to make people laugh.

This is a good organization. It’s easy to be an elitist and say, it’s a community college – high school plus – who cares? But, Gateway, like so many other community colleges really, does scratch an itch. There is no typical Gateway student because they come from such diverse situations. They are normally people who have realized this is the right way to better their lives – so they’re motivated students. I like that.

It would have been much more fun if my stomach were feeling better – but it doesn’t and the Pepto is still at the ready.

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