Go Eagles

Last night was Monday Night Football and the Eagles versus Miami, in Miami. Helaine is actually the bigger football fan in the family, but we’re both Eagles fans. Years ago, I was a season ticket holder – a distinction I wear as some sort of badge of honor. I sat through an Eagles 4-10 season!

I think we’re both a little worried, because the Eagles have played so well. As an Eagles fan, and I’m sure this applies to most teams, you’re always waiting for that boneheaded move that squanders it all. Yet, that hasn’t happened.

The Eagles started the season losers. Donovan McNabb, the quarterback, was ineffective as a passer and non existent as a rusher. And then, the team jelled. All of a sudden, they could do no wrong.

Tonight’s victory against the Dolphins is sweet, but I’ll swear we’re being set up for disappointment somewhere farther down the road. That’s the Eagles fan in me talking.

2 thoughts on “Go Eagles”

  1. I personally don’t think the eagles should win after whoever’s comment towards the packers about how he was being “too emotional” about the loss of his father. They don’t deserve it. I think the patriots should win again- even though they beat the crap out of my favorite team, they’re pretty good now… Eagles would be acceptable, and I wouldn’t care, but after saying all that crap… just not right…

    I hope the eagles get the crap beaten out of them sometime in the near future, but it would be nice to see them go to the superbowl and get absolutely NO points… against the Patriots would be nice…

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