Pretty Close Is Very Good

I’m not going to lie. There were times this weekend when I thought my forecast was a bust. I heard big numbers from a ferocious storm. Where did I go wrong?

As it turns out, I didn’t. As always, this wasn’t a bullseye, but it wasn’t all that bad. Read what I was expecting from Friday and then, see what we got.

It was colder than I expected, so the precipitation stayed snow longer. The changeover did hold the accumulations down and kept almost everyone under 6″&#185, which is the normal threshold for Winter Storm Warning. Click here to see a chart of snowfall amounts from the Connecticut DOT.

Right now, nearly all of Connecticut is at or above freezing.

City Sky/wx tmp dp rh wind pres remarks

Bradley intl frz rain 32 32 100 N10 29.57F wci 24 tc 0

Hartford Lgt snow 32 N/a N/a N14G21 29.55F wci 22 tc 0

Bridgeport lgt rain 37 35 92 NE14 29.47F wci 28 tc 3

Danbury frz rain 34 32 92 NW6 29.54S fog wci 29

Groton lgt rain 42 41 96 NE18G26 29.47F tc 6

New Haven rain 34 34 100 N14 29.48F fog wci 25

Meriden lgt rain 33 32 96 NE10G18 29.52F fog wci 25

Willimantic lgt rain 36 34 92 NE10 29.54F fog wci 28

Oxford cloudy&#178 34 32 93 NE15G22 29.47F wci 24 tc 1

We are one day closer to March. I couldn’t be happier.

&#185 – This is the second storm in a row where Meriden has had significantly more accumulation than surrounding areas. One more and it becomes untrustworthy to me.

&#178 – The automatic sensors at Waterbury/Oxford Airport haven’t worked properly in years. This reading should report precipitation, but doesn’t.

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