Bad News, Bad News

Helaine woke me up early this morning. She, as my driver, is concerned about the forecast for tomorrow. The map piece on the left, a little snippet of what I’ve looked at, says a few things. It shows between &#188″ and &#189″ of liquid equivalent over Connecticut by 7:00 AM tomorrow. The two sets of lines show it won’t be too windy but it will be cold enough aloft snow. Other maps, that you don’t see, show this event over at, or before, 7:00 AM.

Bottom line, 3-5″ of snow on the ground.

If you’d like to be a geek in training, these forecast maps are part of an ever changing suite of maps published around the clock by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, in Silver Spring. MD.

I called Southwest. They’ll move me to today – if I pay about double my current fare!

The plan right now is for Helaine and me to get up early and do our best getting to the airport. The hope is I-91, our main route, won’t be too bad. However, I-91 is the road that separated me from the radio station early this season when &#188″ fell!

This story is not yet over.

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