Fly Eagles Fly

I have been a major Eagles fan since that day Marlene Maslin walked me into The Vet. A huge American flag was stretched across the entire field. The Sun was shining. The team sucked. But, it didn’t make any difference. Love is often made up of imponderables.

Helaine is a bigger Eagles fan than I am. She lives and dies with the team. When they lose, she shuns all sports media. When they win, you need a firehose to supply the information and opinion she craves.

We just finished watching the Eagles play the Green Bay Packers in the 2nd round of the NFC playoffs. This isn’t a sports blog, and I’m not going to go into detail, but the Eagles held on in improbable fashion bringing the game to overtime. Then, in overtime, they snatched momentum from the Packers on an uncontested interception and went on to win… the only moment of the game they were ahead.

Helaine usually goes to bed early – but she’s so jazzed up over the game that it will be awhile before she’s able to sleep.

I’m sure I’ll have another entry tonight when the late weather models start coming in, within the next hour.

One thought on “Fly Eagles Fly”

  1. Fantastic Game! Verrrrry cold in the stands, but dressed properly you didn’t feel it, and with the last resort of retreating to the Club Box Suites East Lounge….well, it was a great game!

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