Hitting a Moving Target

I am now 100% fixated on the upcoming snow. It does become an obsession, which probably isn’t healthy. But, it’s the most important work I do – certainly the most memorable to viewers. It’s important I do it well.

The 12Z model numbers are in and they are lower than last night’s runs. It’s not a significant difference run-to-run, but the trend has been slightly lower, so anyone not following on an hour-by-hour basis will see a more significant shift.

My thinking now is to do one accumulation number for most of the state, maybe 8-14″. I should probably break out the Northwest Hills for a bit more.

The heaviest liquid should fall in the south, but there will be a higher ‘fluff’ factor as you go north. So, each inch of rain will produce more snow the farther north you go.

What makes this storm so unusual is that it will dump a significant amount of snow in a very short period and then be gone. The bulk of the snow will fall between midnight and 5:00 AM. But, during that time we could see some 2″ per hour periods!

I’m still not sure if I got it right… and won’t know until the last flake falls. Until then, I won’t be pleasant to deal with.

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