Billy Crystal – King of Comedy

Though I worked tonight, I made sure to stay home long enough between shows to see Billy Crystal open the Oscars. Now, after work, I’m watching it again.

Billy Crystal is the King of Comedy. He has an amazing presence and comic sense. The fact that he doesn’t do the Academy Awards in consecutive years seems to only make him better, as in “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

I noticed tonight that Billy was getting rim shots during jokes on his opening performance.

Meanwhile, I really did look forward (for weeks) to his opening movie and song. They were worth waiting for… and re-watching.

2 thoughts on “Billy Crystal – King of Comedy”

  1. It’s performances like Billy’s that make me think I need to order TIVO or a DVR. His opening clip was just absolutely hysterical.

    Probably the funniest was his reaction to the producer of LOTR who said he used to date Billy’s cousin. He actually seemed stumped for a second.

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