End Of An Era?

Maybe the headline is a little strong. It’s probably not the end of an era, but certainly the leading edge of a slippery slope that WCBS radio in New York is now on.

First, my credentials. I have had a WCBS button on my car radio since 1969 (except for the short time I spent in Phoenix). Even when I lived in Florida, and could only hear the station a few minutes at a time… every once in a while, it got a button. At home, it is on while I shower every day.

It was disappointing, to me, when WCBS got the Yankees. I have nothing against the team (well, as a Phillies fan, I guess I really do), but each game and its attendant pre and post game show eats into the news content. The calculation on the station’s part is that most games are played at off times for news.

Later today, that changes. With the Yankees playing Tampa in Tokyo this morning at 5:30 AM, for the first time since they went to news in 1967, WCBS will not be running news in morning drive.

In essence, the station is saying baseball is more important than news. It would not have been my decision.

One thought on “End Of An Era?”

  1. I’m so happy you said this, as I have been thinking it for quite some time. You are so right about CBS. As far as I am concerned they have ruined themselves. For me thay have lost, not only their value (and original purpose) as a news outlet, but also my respect for them.

    By the way, great web site you have created. You are an interesting guy; and a pleasure to have around!


    North Branford

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