Finally – The Final

Usually these tests get graded right away. Since I was apprehensive about how I had done, it took a little longer. How do they know?

In Satellite Meteorology, the one I thought was tougher: 92. For Synoptic Meteorology: 86. So, “A” for both courses.

My only objection is some of what was taught is wrong. That’s because some of the course concerned operational weather prediction models. As you might expect, the models are improved or changed over time, and the material we had didn’t reflect that.

This was part of my downfall in college the first time. Some friends still remember me jousting with a teacher and then storming out of the classroom because she was trying to convince us WABC radio was strong up and down the East Coast because they had a number of strategically placed transmitters.

There’s still smoke coming from my ears on that one.

Now, on to summer school. Two course to be finished by August. It’s a shorter period, so seven day weeks will now be five day weeks. Same material, less time.

I’m done next summer. Well, I’m done with the courses. Then I have to actually visit Mississippi (or someplace close like Birmingham, AL) and be personally questioned to make sure it was me tapping at the computer all this time.

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