Let Me Complain – As If You Could Stop Me

Every year, for the past few years, right around this time, my eyes get watery and then start stinging. Something my body is doing irritates my eyes – and we’re off to the races. I assume it’s an allergic reaction, though it certainly isn’t quelled by the anthistimine I pop every day. Maybe it’s tree or bush pollen. Who knows?

I have gotten relief in the past by washing my lashes with baby shampoo (using a Q-tip) and applying hot compresses to my eyelids. This year, those solutions have come up short. I’ve also used ‘artificial tears. though they often introduce more of whatever it is that irritates my eyes.

It’s nearly 10:00 PM. I’m blinking frequently enough to be noticable to strangers.

Sometime, in the next month or two, this too will pass. Until that time, I’ll blink my way through life with the tears of someone whose just gotten bad news.

One thought on “Let Me Complain – As If You Could Stop Me”

  1. Geoff,

    I suffer from the same problem too and have not been able to identify the trigger. There have been times it’s so bad I go to sleep to bring relief to my eyes. I tried antihistimines, prescription allergy drops for eyes, artificial tears to no avail, although each separately to see if one or the other would resolve my problem. As of late, I found a combination of both the tears and the allegra seem to do the job.

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