Dubious Achievements in Credit Cards

Today, in the mail, we received some new credit cards from Bank of America. These are attached to our USAir mileage account – and we only use this account as a backup.

Along with the normal ‘full sized’ cards came a “mini card”. At 1.5 by 2.5″, it’s just a fraction of what you’ve seen for years. On one end a hole is punched in the card. The idea, clip it to your keychain and carry it wherever you go.

So far, so good… though there is a problem. I never give my wallet to strangers, but I give my car keys to strangers all the time. Now, these strangers will have my credit card number.

Actually, for a while they’ll have the physical card, magnetic stripe and all!

In an age where identity theft is rampant, isn’t this a little foolhardy? Even if Bank of America indemnifies me for every penny fraudulently spent, there is the secondary cost of identity theft – time and effort spent to reclaim your life.

I’m thinking, unless I hear compelling evidence to the contrary, this isn’t going on my keychain.

One thought on “Dubious Achievements in Credit Cards”

  1. But geoff, why would you give all of your keys away to anyone? It is much safer to use the valet key or just detach the car key. If this is too cumbersome, you may need a new keychain for father’s day.

    Love, MM&M

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