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I visited the allergist this morning. I see him to get my antihistamine prescription. He doesn’t really do anything during these appointments – just gives me the script for the drugs. It’s a fair bargain because without the pills I’d swell up like a balloon in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

I’m telling you about the appointment to justify the fact that I was in bed and asleep at 1:30 PM when the station called. Would I do the weather live from… well, we’re not sure where, but come casually dressed.

I am glad when they call ahead so I can come properly attired. It is funny when I’m asked ‘if’ I can do it. I really don’t have much choice, do I? Of course, I’d never say no, even if I could, because I usually enjoy live shots.

Today, with Connecticut temperatures punching through the 90 degree mark inland, and mid-80s on the shoreline, I was sent to East Rock Park. I’m sure I’ve written about this natural wonder before. It is a sheer rock cliff which towers over New Haven Harbor. It was left in place as the last ice age retreated.

Today, it was a place of cool relief, with a nice seabreeze. The view, often spectacular, was reduced to almost acceptable by the haze and schmutz that warm temperatures and sunlight bring.

Live shots like this are a crapshoot. You never know who or what you’ll find. I like to think of myself as resourceful in these situations because I always grab something or someone to use as a prop.

When I arrived on the ‘Rock’ there was a man with his Harley. I asked if I could borrow it, and he agreed. My guess is, if I would have asked to be allowed to ride it on TV he would have agreed. I don’t look like the biker type, which lent to the fun. I am embarrassed to say I called it a bicycle once! I caught myself, but the damage (such as it was) had already been done.

Later I corralled a man and his two granddaughters, aged 1 and 3. I like little kids because they aren’t self conscious and don’t get nervous about, or overthink, the process of being on TV. I was going to speak to the 3 year old. She wasn’t overly verbal when we spoke before going on, so I decided to let her see herself on TV and hoped for a reaction. It worked wonderfully.

As we went on, she pointed at herself and tapped me on the leg to make sure I saw. She was precious. She didn’t have to say much to be adorable.

It is important to have fun with, and not at the expense of, the people you’re with. That can be a fine line. I don’t want to come off as a smart ass, which is what would happen if I took advantage of the interviewee’s naivet

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  1. I’ve always wodnered, when you do these live weathercasts, do you make the forecast or is someone else inside making the forecast and maning the computers?

    The outdoor weathercasts are great though because they add some variety, a nice touch to the program.

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