Fireworks – Bethany, CT

A few days ago I got an email asking me to promote the Bethany Volunteer Fire Department’s annual fireworks show. No problem. And, since it isn’t far from home, I figured I’d go and snap some photos.

Bethany is a small community, straddling Route 63, north of New Haven. I have heard that there are more horses than people in Bethany – though that’s probably untrue. I do know their zoning makes for large lots and plenty of room if you’d like a stable.

The fireworks were scheduled to be held at Bethany Airport. Bethany was actually the first airport in Connecticut, established back in 1922, but it hasn’t been used that way for a very long time and the neighbors probably like it that way!

I haven’t taken too many fireworks pictures in the past, so this was a total experiment. I’m not exactly sure what I did wrong, but I’m not very satisfied with the results. Of course there are always some good shots. Here are four of my favorites.

One thought on “Fireworks – Bethany, CT”

  1. To photograph fireworks well, you need to know the show. You need to know when there will be enough “stuff” to fill the frame, but not too much stuff to make the picture too busy. You need to know how “big” the “stuff” will be so that you do not lose parts off the edge of the frame (picture 2) You need to use a tripod on something solid (not metal bleachers) so that camera does not move (I can’t tell if the “waves” in picture 3 are from camera motion)

    But there are things beyond your control, such as wind (too windy and the arcs are uneven — possibly a cause of waves in picture 3 — not enough wind and there is too much smoke) If the show kicks off too early, the sky is too bright, and the images are not as nice.

    All this adds up to why people like to take pictures of fireworks at places like Disney where they do the same show, night after night. You get to know the show, and you can wait until the conditions are perfect.


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