It’s Become an Obsession, I’m Afraid

This is what I didn’t want to happen. I have become so engrossed with my conflict with Adventure Balloons that I haven’t posted here as much as usual.

Recapping – Helaine had bought a balloon flight as a Father’s Day gift. Though we tried to fly, the balloon company wouldn’t go because of weather. They will not refund our money.

There’s a lot more, and you can read about it here

This ‘conversation’ has now been looked at over 13,000 times! Nearly 300 comments have been posted – some really bright, some really dumb… and not all those who agree with me are in the smart column.

What has surprised me about this is the power of posting on the Internet. I will readily admit I have shepherded this thread. A few days ago, when it looked like it might go off topic, as long Internet conversations sometimes do, I pulled it back on center. The fact that the owner of the business involved has also posted has kept this an active discussion.

I still feel that I’ll get my money back. Even if I don’t, I think I’ve accomplished something. The policy that so upset me is now out in the open where others can read about it and judge it. I think enough people will find their policy too unbending and sooner or later the balloonists will have to reconsider.

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