I have heard lot of talk about Gmail, the new mail service from Google. It certainly has forced the other free mail providers to expand the storage space they offer. Gmail itself offers 1 gb of storage, an unheard of amount.

The advantage of Gmail is, it treats your email like Google treats the rest of the Internet. Searching capabilities are very strong and very quick.

Still, for me with a ‘vanity’ address it’s just not appealing, except under one circumstance. Gmail has become my address when I need to fill out forms. So, I let the Gmail account deal with the additional spam that comes when I register for something online.

Since Gmail is still in beta, it isn’t freely available. The way they get new users is by giving invitations to current users, like me. I now have 6. If you’d like a free Gmail account, drop me a line. As long as I still have one, it’s yours.

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