Too Much Hurricane

This season, we have all been sensitized to hurricanes. Between Charley and Frances, we have had more than enough tsuris&#185 for one year. Now there is Ivan.

Because of my job, I follow hurricanes a little more actively than most. This is a very active year. Activity doesn’t always translate into damage, as some storms stay offshore. Obviously, this year the strongest storms have made landfall.

Ivan is so unusual because of its position. Right now there are hurricane warnings for Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and much of the northern coast of South America. That’s not unheard of – but it is out of the ordinary, especially with a storm of this strength so far south.

The Hurricane Center is, again, sending mixed signals on what this storm is right now. Their message over the longer term is bleak. Winds are forecast to approach 150 mph sustained as the center of the forecast path moves directly over Jamaica.

I am, again, worried for Florida. At the moment, the center of the path is close, but not over Florida. Still it is in the cone of uncertainty.

One more storm will be devastating to people who are already reeling. I could hear what was going on with my parents, and they were affected much less than many.

Over the long run, how will this affect Florida? Are there minds being made up this week by people who would have vacationed there, would have retired there, and now will not?

&#185 – tsuris – noun : (Yiddish) aggravating trouble

2 thoughts on “Too Much Hurricane”

  1. I love watching hurricanes. Ive been fascinated by things like this since i was a kid (im 28 now). Glad I stumbled around this site.

    I always notice that hurricanes sometimes develop off of what comes out of africa. What is the significance there? What makes these storms ‘organize’ into a tropical depression/Storm/hurricaine? Guess I need a good book, Id love to learn more.


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