Ivan and Jamaica

I can only imagine what it’s like to be on Jamaica tonight. Observations from the airport stopped hours ago, but the Hurricane Center has upped the wind estimate on Ivan to 150 mph.

This will be a devastating night for Jamaicans.

I have been living this nightmare in my mind for the past two days. Once it became obvious where Ivan was going, all I could do was put together the pieces. Construction isn’t good. The island is mountainous and prone to slides. There are a few hundred rivers… really mountain fed streams… to overflow.

In a few days we will get documentary proof in the form of video. No matter how bad it looks, it would have been worse to be there.

One thought on “Ivan and Jamaica”

  1. All I have to say about Ivan is, “wow”. 165 mph, and a pressure reading which is the sixth lowest on record acording to the NWS… it really is a monster, and I can only hope that it weakens, greatly, over the next few days. At least hurricane season is almost half over…

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