My Obsession With Being Obsessive

Last night, after dinner, Steffie convinced us to hit the mall for ten minutes. The fact is, no one has ever spent just ten minutes in a mall… though I’d like to be the first.

While Steffie and Helaine went into Abercrombie and Fitch, I went looking for reading material. I walked aimlessly since there didn’t seem to be any maps or guides around. As it turned out, it was the right direction and at the very end of the mall was a B. Dalton.

I used to go right to the computer books, but I sense these don’t sell the way they once did. The computing section has gotten smaller and smaller. I had written earlier about the Chevy-izing of computing and fewer books would seem to be an offshoot of that.

Recently, when I’ve gone to the magazine rack, it’s been to look at photo magazines. I’m looking for tips and techniques. I’m certainly not looking for gear at the moment.

It is my tendency to become obsessive when I wrap myself around a new technology, like digital photography. But the learning curve is steep, and without a concentrated period at the beginning it would take forever to understand what I’m doing.

I picked up a copy of Photoshop Magazine, which I suppose qualifies as both photography and computer oriented. I started to thumb through the pages, looking at ways to make my photos better.

There are a lot of people who know more than I do about photography and Photoshop… and are significantly better at applying both.

As always, part of the fun is looking at the ads. A few minutes into my browsing I saw something I never see in national ads: “New Haven, CT.”

The ad was for Software Cinema and their Photoshop Training Camp. Going to Software Cinema’s website I saw ads for this program and Photoshop Training Camp Live.

OK – New Haven gets the second class show.

Still, after looking at the rundown of topics (too many suited for wedding photographers), I decided I’d go. It’s $25 with advance registration – a reasonable investment.

I assume they’ll have plenty to sell too. No one’s coming all the way to New Haven for $25 a head.

It’s pretty lucky that I stumbled upon this magazine at just the right time to see the ad for Monday’s show on Saturday. I’ll be kvetching about getting up early (after all, work won’t be over Monday until well after midnight with our 35 minute newscast following Monday Night Football). Hopefully, I’ll also be learning.

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