In the Dictionary, Next to Idiot – My Picture

Normally, I’m a Hawaiian Standard Time guy. That means I’m out of bed around Noon Eastern time.

Today was an exception. I had plans to attend the Photoshop seminar in New Haven. The alarm rang at 9:00 AM.

Since I would go directly to work, I put a suit, shirt and tie into a plastic ‘valet’ bag to put in my trunk. I made sure there was a compact flash card in my camera and threw it over my shoulder. Then I picked up a bag with a portable DVD player. I use this to watch my school lectures at work.

Downstairs, Helaine asked if I had everything. I patted myself down and realized I had left the ticket to the seminar in my office.

I dropped everything and headed back to pluck the ticket from my printer. This was really the first time I was looking at it… and the first time I realized the actual date of the seminar was Wednesday!

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