Oh – My Aching Toe

I had hoped my freshly repaired big toe would have been better today. Bad guess.

As soon as I put shoes on, I realized this would not be my finest hour. As I walked, from a distance, I looked like Walter Brennan in the Real McCoys&#185. It was really painful. And, of course, with my trip to New Haven, this was going to be a day with a good amount of walking (the garage under the hotel was full – my first sign of trouble).

Yesterday, I was pained by my ingrown toenail. Today, it felt like the treatment to fix it had been performed using a hammer. It was worse, not better.

I figured it would be a good thing to go home between shows and soak (marinate) my toe in salt water. I’m not sure what the magical property of salt water is, but I was willing to try anything.

As I took the Bandaid off, the toe was still very sore. I winced like the wussy male I am. I make no claims to dealing well with pain. Let others be macho. I avoid I dipped it in the warm water and then a strange thing happened – relief.

This is much too weird, because I don’t think dipping my toe in the salt water should affect this kind of swift change. Yet after ten minutes my pain was markedly down… way down. My limp was gone. I reverted to walking with the bad posture I’m known for.

I have to call the podiatrist tomorrow to report back on my condition. Between now and then I’ll be soaking again. It would be nice to have something positive to report.

It’s not to make him feel better. Selfishly, this is for me.

&#185 – Making references to a TV show which ran from 1957 to 1963 probably doesn’t get me pegged as young and hip. On the show, Brennan walked with a very distinctive limp with a hitch. Whether that was his own gate or superb physical acting is beyond me.

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