Photoshop Seminar

A few days ago I mentioned the Photoshop seminar I had signed up for. It was at the Omni Hotel here in New Haven.

Though the seminar started at 9:00, I showed up around 10:30. The first hour and a half was optional to me. OK – I didn’t go to sleep until 2:00 AM. I wasn’t rushing out of bed.

The seminar was actually a computer generated video presentation. The screen was large, the sound was good. I was able to follow along from my seat halfway back in the room.

There were a few times when I wanted to raise my hand and ask for something to be explained… for the presentation to be rewound. Of course, that’s not possible with this kind of setup.

I took some notes – not enough. I think I learned a lot. It wasn’t as much specific techniques as it was understanding how some tools were used conceptually. Now I have to experiment.

My $25 was money well spent. During our lunch break I went around New Haven taking photos. Later tonight I’ll post them and some observations about the city.

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