Winter – Sooner, Not Later

I was looking back at past winters, seeing how early it’s snowed. Sobering. Even this early in October there have been significant snows in the past. Whatever we get, it’s better than my last home.

I lived in Buffalo for four years. I don’t think most people understand how pervasive and localized Lake Effect snow can be.

My wife and I were married in Pennsylvania, so we drove to Erie for our marriage license. As we left our house, near downtown, there were flurries. Once we got to South Buffalo and the so-called Southtowns, the snow was moderate to heavy. Within ten miles we had left the snow and driven into the sunshine. It was that way, sunny, all the way to Erie.

On our way back, the bands had not moved. So, it was totally clear until the Southtowns, then moderate snow and back to flurries at home!

It snows often enough in Buffalo that my television station (WGRZ) had heated sidewalks and a heated driveway. The hot water pipes from the station ran close to the surface and water was shunted in when needed. I had never seen an installation like that before or since.

There were times when some snow was recorded every day for a week or more!

I do not miss Buffalo winters. I am not looking forward to winter here either.

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  1. Geoff_

    I am an architect working in westchester county. We’re got a large medical practice as a client in NYC. They have just made an upgrade to their heating and cooling system, everyone now seems to be working in comfort, and we’ve found that the energy bills for february thru april 04 are lower than they were before the upgrade, february thru april 03. I am advising them that the system is working fine, and to leave it alone, and maybe just negotiate a more favorable electric rate, but the client claims that last season (feb-april 04) was a mild season. I don’t remember it that way. Is there a way to confirm/deny that the season in question was warmer (or cooler) than the mean for the same three month period?


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