Every once in a while I enter photography contests on the net. They are not free-for-all competitions (though they are free to enter), but are restricted by date and subject matter. For instance, this week I entered a contest where my photo had to fit the subject “Communication.”

I decided to go to the station’s roof and take some shots of our satellite dishes. I’m not sure if either of these is anything special, but I spent well over an hour last night obsessing over both of them. I have gone back and forth over which one to actually submit (and might change again).

They are both 30 second exposures, to get the nighttime glow. Both are clickable to get a larger version (and the larger version should have all the camera’s EXIF data).

It is definitely a challenge to shoot to order – good discipline. Some weeks I just have to pass, unable to figure out how to creatively fill the bill.

2 thoughts on “Communication”

  1. Hello Geoff,

    I’ve been trolling your “life” here for a few weeks now and I’d like to say thank you for your posts.

    Not that my life is that boring, but you write well and it’s nice to here some stuff from the East Coast. I used to live in Rochester, NH and Groton, CT (prior military, SSN 690).

    I do have an opinion for you though on you two photos. I have been contemplating a digital camera and it is nice to see to “samples” from a real shooter not just the ones in the store.

    If I were to vote I would go with your second photo.


    Although both are good the second one is cleaner, in my opinion. There aren’t any extra dishes in there that are cut off. But that’s just me and my two cents.

    Thanks again for the good reading.


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