Are You Feeling Lucky?

In Dirty Harry, Harry Callahan points his gun at the punk he’s been chasing through the streets of San Francisco, explains that he may or may not have another bullet in the chamber, and asks, “Are you feeling lucky?” In some ways, that’s the way I feel about my appointment today with the allergist.

It’s important to say I have total trust in my allergist. A few years ago, when my lips and other body parts started swelling for no apparent reason he knew what to do – even though he said we’d never know what caused it.

I saw him today for my semi-annual visit. After talking for a few minutes he told me, maybe it was time to stop taking my pills. Just as this swelling came on for no reason, it’s now likely to be gone.

He’s probably right… but am I feeling lucky?

I can continue to take my antihistamine forever, There doesn’t seem to be any downside to that, other than the cost (which isn’t that great). Still, even my doctor said, when the choice is between using and not using a drug, not using is preferred.

On the other hand, what if I stop and then start swelling again? I know I can go back on the pills… and would immediately.

My gut feeling is to take a chance and stop the antihistamines. We’ll see how lucky I really am!

One thought on “Are You Feeling Lucky?”

  1. FWIW, 22 years ago, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. The doctor said that surgery would offer relief, but that I could try taking Vitamin B6 instead and see if that would help. After a few weeks of Vitamin B6, the symptoms disappeared. I kept taking Vitamin B6 daily for years, then one day I decided to stop. Since that time, the carpal tunnel problem reoccurs maybe once a year and when it does, I pop Vitamin B6 for a day or two or three and it goes away.

    Stan, WA1LOU

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