Doing the Debates a Disservice

Because of our 10:00 PM newscast (on a station that wasn’t running the debate to begin with), I only got to watch the first hour of tonight’s presidential debate. I will watch the last half hour later. I have watched all four debates with great interest and continued watching with the post debate discussions.

Who won? What do the polls show?

There might be great answers to those questions – answers that truly reflect the public’s sentiment. But those are the wrong questions… at least at this point.

Maybe I’m being presumptuous, but finding the better debater is not the most valuable thing we can get from this exercise. More important is, who has the policies that reflect your own concerns and values?

It is not Tweedledum versus Tweedledee. President Bush and Senator Kerry have different approaches to many of our most pressing problems.

You would think by now we should have seen enough to make up our minds.

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