Fall Foliage

Steffie had a field hockey game early this afternoon. Her team was playing at another team’s homecoming day. Never a good sign. You invite teams you’ll beat to homecoming.

Steffie played really well. She’s very aggressive and fast. These are two traits not normally associated with the Fox family.

Unfortunately, strong play can also mean injury. Steffie’s thumb was bent in a way thumbs are not mean to go. She sat out the last 15 minutes with ice over her hand. Later a trainer wrapped her with an Ace bandage.

The bandage is still on. She’s still applying ice. We’re hoping it’s only a sprain.

It was quite chilly today. I had forecast sun, but the clouds never parted. The temperature never rose out of the mid-40s. The wind was brisk.

Damn you winter. I know you’re coming. Why can’t you be a no show, like the sunshine was?

If there is a saving grace about this time of year, it’s the color of the leaves. Connecticut is very pretty, but especially so in the fall. This was very noticable today.

Since people read this blog from virtually everywhere, let me explain what I’m talking about. We have deciduous trees in Connecticut. They bloom in the summer and go dormant in the winter. The leaves fall to the ground and the trees are bare.

In the fall, as the trees begin to ‘shut down,’ the chemicals that make the leaves green all summer are depleted. Colors that had been hidden, vibrant colors with reds and golds, begin to show. It’s really quite spectacular and people come to New England just to see the show. It doesn’t last long.

I’ve taken some of my best shots and put them in a little album. Click here if you’d like to see what I’m talking about.

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