All The Slippery’s in the First Quarter Inch

We had a very strange weather situation in Connecticut today. The air in the clouds was warmer than 32&#176. At the same time, the air at ground level was below 32&#176.

The technical term for this is an inversion – warm air over cold.

In the clouds, it wasn’t chilly enough to produce snow. What fell was rain. When the rain hit the surface it froze on contact. As long as we’re being technical… the technical term for this is freezing rain (unlike sleet which is frozen rain… think about it, there is a difference).

As the afternoon wore on the rain became lighter in intensity and the drop size decreased too. By late in the evening we were faced with freezing drizzle. It was as if Mother Nature had a giant atomizer and was squeezing it in the chilly breeze.

Statewide, roads were covered with a thin sheen of ice. I have said in the past, “all the slippery is in the first quarter inch.” That’s never been truer than tonight. It will be the reasons for massive school delays and cancellations tomorrow.

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