Taking Finals

The fall semester is drawing to a close. In fact, I am only putting off one final while writing this entry! As soon as I’m done, I’ll take Synoptic Meteorology, the bane of my existence this year.

All semester long the proctor and I have argued over which answers were correct. As I continue to learn, the professor makes the final judgment as to who is right. So far, that hasn’t been me. Unfortunately, in my mind he has made inconsistent decisions, making this all the more difficult to take.

My friends have told me to stop complaining – who cares what grade I get? But I have not stopped. I am stubborn to a fault.

My friends Harold and Karen even supplied a quote to help me out:

It is the duty of the student

Without exception to be prudent

When smarter than his teachers, tact

Demands that he conceal the fact

– Ogden Nash

As is my custom, I have already done the math, knowing what I must get to achieve an “A.” The Hydrology test I just took only needed a 77%, but the Synoptic Meteorology final demands a 96% – more than I can expect.

I have my one ace in the hole. These are open book tests. With 50 questions in 60 minutes textbooks might be helpful a few times. If you were too dependent you would never finish the test. On the other hand, class notes in a text editor are extremely quick to reference. Extremely!

The truth is, the real world is one immense, continuous, open book test. That’s what school is suppose to prepare you for, the real world.

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