Must See TV – Darlene Love on David Letterman

2005 Update for Google searchers

I know a lot of traffic comes here via Google every year at this time, looking for my info on Darlene Love’s annual Letterman appearance. Darlene will be on Late Night with David Letterman this Friday, December 23, 2005. The info comes from Darlene’s website.

As long as you’re here, read my blog.

Every year, on the last show before Christmas, David Letterman has Jay Thomas on trying to knock a meatball off a Christmas tree with a football. I can live without that.

On that last show he also has Darlene Love singing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” I look forward to it every year. Tonight’s the night!

This is worth watching and taping.

First, Darlene is dynamite. She sells every note and gives this Phil Spector classic the respect it deserves. If she’s lost anything since this song was released over 40 years ago, I’m not hearing it.

Letterman goes all out bringing in a huge choir and string section. The sax solo is usually played by David Sanborne. Paul and the boys turn it up.

But really, it’s all Darlene. She owns it.

There is no doubt it is my favorite Christmas song. My DVR is set.

2 thoughts on “Must See TV – Darlene Love on David Letterman”

  1. Geoff,

    I am also looking forward to this on Letterman tonight! I’ve been a big fan of both Darlene Love and the meatball on the Christmas tree for years. Almost like guessing the pies with Dave’s mom on Thanksgiving

  2. Does anyone know where I can find a video of this performance? It used to be on Youtube 3 years ago, but It was taken off and I have searched everywhere, but cannot find it. It is my favorite performance of this song.

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