My SpaceShipOne Prediction – Coming True

Before Burt Rutan won the X-Prize, back when SpaceShipOne made its first flight to space, there was a problem… a scary roll. I was uneasy watching what went on and I said so here.

Watching the roll, I assumed I was watching a disaster in the making. I knew there was no reason for the ship to corkscrew itself into space. Any second I expected to see a wing break off or parts begin to disintegrate.

I immediately made a prediction based on the very little I know about this kind of project.

September 30, 2004

Rutan will figure a way to get around this problem for one more flight, win the prize, and modify this design into a more stable model for commercial work. SpaceShipOne will go to the Smithsonian before it can hurt anyone.

I actually forgot all about that prediction until I read an interview with Burt Rutan today in the Palm Springs Desert News.

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