Early Super Bowl Post Mortem

Wow – what a game. I thought the Eagles would be able to pull it out, but you know… Hold on. Let me double check. Oops – they haven’t played the game yet.

I am a lot more sensitized to the predictions this time around. After all I am a nearly 30 year Eagles fan. But, c’mon! Everything I read, everyone I watch, all say the same thing… and it isn’t what I want to hear.

The Vegas line puts the Eagles as a one touchdown underdog, but Las Vegas is probably the most charitable place on Earth for the Eagles this week!

This is the best Eagles team I have ever seen. They make very few mistakes. They are focused. There’s no doubt they have top notch players and an excellent coaching staff. People are selling them short.

I can’t guarantee they’ll win. In fact, I won’t be surprised at the outcome no matter which way it goes. I just want people to stop talking as if it were the Patriots versus some walk-on squad for a scrimmage.

There must be some reason they play the game.

2 thoughts on “Early Super Bowl Post Mortem”


    This sucker went back and forth and the tension mounted with every pass, run and…interception (sorry).

    The Eagles represented Philly well, but they came up against a dynasty that would not be denied in New England.

    Now, I’m off to continue the (seemingly never-ending) celebration…

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