Hats Off to Apollo

After Apollo Hosting took the phishing site down, I got another email.

Hello Geoff,

The Account was created last night at 11pm and would have been terminated by our Fraud department this morning. May I ask how you came across this site so quickly?

Just curiosity… and too much free time, I suppose. I researched it while I was playing poker&#185

The IT guy from Apollo went on to say

All of

these phishing sites are fraud and they originate in China and

countries that do not enforce WHOIS data. So it is very frustrating to

me. Huge waste of my time and of company resources. If you wouldn’t mind

forwarding that e-mail I would like to keep it for my records.

Thank You,

Don McLeman

IT Manager

And, of course, I will.

You and I only see the tip of this iceberg. It is straining, not only web hosts, but credit card companies, businesses and people who get scammed and watch their lives get turned upside down.

&#185 – $20+$2 tournament – came in 2nd for $36… or $14 net winnings.

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