The Weird Donovan McNabb Rumor

After the Super Bowl, I sad the McNabb I saw was not the McNabb I had watched all season. Something was different – and it wasn’t something forced by the Pats.

Now there’s this:

2 thoughts on “The Weird Donovan McNabb Rumor”

  1. Yeah, this sort of thing is to be expected.

    The truth is, McNabb severely underperformed with his uninspired offering on SuperBowl Sunday.

    It was only a matter of time before his guys (at his request?) started to take care of him with this “but, he was near death!” type of stuff. Maybe it was a panic attack. The defense of the Pats can surely have that effect.

    Truth is, Tom Brady was attached to an i.v. with a temperature of 103 the night before the Pittsburgh game and he and his offense put up 41 points on that top-rated defense.

    There are no excuses for McNabbs’s underwhelming showing other than the plain fact that he was simply not up to the task.

    He was rattled early and never recovered. But I don’t think it was a hit to the head that took him out of the game. It was the overwhelming defense of the New England Patriots.

    One rushing attempt for zero yards? Hardly the stuff of legendary scramblers.

    Will Philly be back next year? Perhaps if the NFC doesn’t improve (and it can only go up, right?) they will…but they will have to improve vastly if they hope to get past their AFC opponent.

    For my money, that opponent will be the same one who got there this year and last. The one which knows how to win games.

    Look, I realize that the press and fandom of Philly can be harsh, but to start to offer up half-baked excuses amid the fallout is simply insulting to the intelligence of that city. That is, unless they are simply being told what they really want to hear…

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