My Favorite Movie Genre

I’ll admit it. I really enjoy Steven Segal movies. Give me “Under Siege” any day… or the follow up, “Under Siege on a Train&#185.” The Bruce Willis ‘sweaty’ movies are right up there too.

I would never see these in a theater. These are TV movies, made to be enjoyed after work or on a weekend, when there’s nothing to do, or I’m trying to do nothing.

Tonight I stumbled upon another member of this fine movie family, “The Rock.”

There is virtually no difference between this and the previously mentioned movies, or dozens more like them. Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage are good, everyone else is bad. Sean and Nick are bulletproof, no one else is. Sean and Nick have unlimited stamina and the moves of a professional stuntman. They have the ability to kill the enemy in a very photogenic way.

Damn it was a great movie.

There is one point I need to make perfectly clear. Though I joke around about the formulaic, predictable nature of these films, I love them dearly.

&#185 – This is not the real name of this movie, but it makes no difference. It’s the same movie, moved from a ship to a train.

One thought on “My Favorite Movie Genre”

  1. Ah, The Rock – now with a movie like this, a score that is smooth and gets your heart ponding is required.

    Kudos for Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams 😀 and their master scoring (best score in the late 90s)

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