I’ve Got Gas

If I hadn’t heard it on the radio, I wouldn’t believe it’s true. There’s a company that provides services to homeowners and businesses in New York City. I’ve heard them advertised on WCBS.

So far, so good. Who cares? Except these people have chosen an unusual way to stand out from the crowd. Their name… their jingle… 1-877-I’ve Got Gas!

I’m not sure how you dial an apostrophe, but that’s the least of it. From the annals of “Eat Here – Get Gas,” and “Dial zero and pound on your phone,” comes the new standard!

May they flatulate peacefully forever.

One thought on “I’ve Got Gas”

  1. Hey I read your entry about what happened to your vaio laptop..it’s doing the same thing to me right now and I’m wondering if you’ve done anything to fix it. Thanks.

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