Spotted Plums

I really wish I knew what they are called… these spotted plums. They show up at the supermarket once a year, flown in from Chile.

They are the best!

As much as one can have a favorite fruit, mine is plums. There are so many varieties from red to deep purple, each with its own distinctive taste. These spotted ones have very juicy sweet fruit, but it’s the sour tang next to the sweetness that makes them just right.

I am somewhat strange in my taste in fruit. I like them hard – hard peaches, hard plums, barely ripe bananas.

It’s possible, before the advent of air shipping fruit from thousands of miles away, that this variety wasn’t even available here in the states. As it is they will be here and gone in a matter weeks. I’ll miss them.

One thought on “Spotted Plums”

  1. I like ’em ripe. Now I’ve gotta go out and buy some plum jam, or preserves, or whatever it’s called—I forgot how much I LOVE that. About the only memorable thing our school cafeteria made was plum cobbler ~ yummy!

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